Hypnotherapy will lead people toward healing the unresolved issues that have been hounding them their whole lives.

Most people during childhood are faced with unpleasant situations and then draw subconscious conclusions about themselves from this very childish mind.  We also make decisions about how to behave which seem good at the time, but now are defeating us. These childhood decisions are so deeply hidden that only through the depth of hypnotherapy can they be discovered and treated. 

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnotic techniques intended to move a person towards health and wholeness. 

Have you ever been so engrossed in reading an interesting book or watching a television program that you are oblivious of what is happening around you? If so, you have been hypnotised before! Whether you notice or not, in some points in life, all of us have experienced hypnosis before.

Hypnotherapy is a process that is used to access the subconscious mind with the aim to reprogram patterns of behaviour, long term negative emotions and limiting beliefs, that results in positive changes for clients to live optimally.

Hypnotherapy is carried out in a safe clinical setting. The hypnotherapist will first induce you to a very relaxed state of mind, in which you are most receptive to suggestions. The hypnotherapist will then use the appropriate strategies to assist you to resolve your issues. Hypnosis is a consensual state, meaning both your permission and cooperation are needed for it to work.

Anyone with an open mind, normal intelligence, the ability to concentrate, and the willingness to go into hypnosis.

How can hypnotherapy help you?

Have you tried other therapy methods but have not experienced much or any improvement?

Hypnotherapy can help you overcome problems regarding the mind, emotions or bad habits. 

Mind and emotional issues can include fears and phobias, inability to manage anger, lack of self confidence, traumatic events such as the loss of a loved one and many other.

Habits like smoking, drinking, weight management or nail biting can be overcome using hypnosis work.